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The 100 Challenge- [1] Pilot

Earth, Clarke. You get to go to Earth.

Scott, just listen to me. You’re not no one. Scott, you’re my best friend, okay, and I need you. Scott, you’re my brother. Alright, so if we’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just gonna have to t a k e  m e  w i t h  y o u  t h e n.


Clarke is the leader of that group and Bellamy is the rah-rah motivator. But Clarke is the brains of the operation. Bellamy is the heart and Clarke is the brain. I’m not sure how I’d quite put it, but they need each other. Without a brain, you die and without a heart you die. One without the other wouldn’t have survived; and the group wouldn’t have survived.



pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another are my fucking weakness

Her son was looking down at her, Catelyn realized. Was it war that made him grow so fast, she wondered, or the crown they had put on his head?

  • me: *sniffs air*
  • me: ah september
  • me: the time where bugs die
  • me: and tv shows gradually return from hiatus
  • me: aaah

you and your friends try to protect everyone. have you been doing this the whole time? i mean, how are you all still alive?

                                   not all of us are.

teen wolf meme: favourite season
↳ 3b "try not to forget we hit the reset button on a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. i think there’s a pretty good chance that things are never going back to normal"